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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

YLF reviews

Kate Kingsley has been a busy lady in the run up to publication and her new book YOUNG, LOADED & FABULOUS has been getting some great reviews:

Chicklish say 'I absolutely loved this book...Highly recommended to fans of gossipy, intrigue-filled books and anyone who enjoys being immersed in the fantasy-like world of troubled rich people.'
read the full review and an interview with Kate here.

Lisa Clark at pink-world asks 'Do you heart Gossip Girl? Er, hello, can I just say Dan Humphrey? Swoonsville. Have you read the books and watched your season one box set a gazillion times? If so, then I’m guessing you might be in need of a new glam-girl, label-crazy fix, right?
Well, get your manicured mitts on this, the most addictive, glamorous thing since…well…Gossip Girl. Young, Loaded & Fabulous by Kate Kingsley.'

For a chance to win one of five copies of the book and read another fabulous interview with kate visit pink-world.

Love Reading call YLF a 'wild read' that is 'not for the faint-hearted'. Check out the full review here.

And finally Sara Ann Leslie at Dragon Fly Book Reviews says 'set in 'posh-nosh' (for want of a better... ahem... word) boardings schools in England, this book is just un-put-downable and full of brilliance.' Read the full review here.

All fabulous stuff!

Thursday, 13 November 2008


It's review time again and the B Involved team seem to be loving YOUNG, LOADED & FABULOUS - take a look at what they think so far:

What a brilliant book this is! Kate Kingsley's first book about Alice and Tally, 2 young, rich and popular girls, is flipping amazing!!One of the best books I have ever read, and I totally recommend it. One of those few books you find hard to put down and so I read it in 2 days!!If you liked Gossip Girl and The It Girl, you will certainly love this!!

YLF is a brilliant start to an addictive new series set in the UK. We are introduced to a group of instantly likeable teenagers, who are both realistic and outrageous. Alice is just about to figure out her feelings for her best friend T, when his ex-American girlfriend unexpectedly turns up - bringing with her a whole host of trouble for the British socialites.If you're a fan of Gossip Girl or The It Girl, then you'll love the YLF series. It's a fresh take on teen life and the author, Kate Kingsley, has written a contemporary story of love, scandal and friendship.I would highly recommend this book, and look forward to future installments.

It's about two young, rich and fabulous girls and about their lives!!:P The best book ever - it's one of those books once you start reading it you cant put it down !!!!!! Definitely would read it again!!! Amazing.

OMG! YLF by Kate Kingsley is THRILLING, BITCHY & ONE OF A KIND! With so many different personalities for each character, the encouragement for reading on is HUGE! It's the first book I've read by Kate Kingsley and it definitely won't be the last! Kingsley has kept me up late every night, with it being so hard to put the book down. Great job Kate Kingsley! xox

If you want to send your own review then post it into the forum or use the contact form - and make sure you tell your friends too keep an eye out for the totally wonderful Kate Kingsley!