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Monday, 24 August 2009

Animation appreciation

Firestarter Ember Fury is the coolest-slash-hottest illustrated character of 2009. But what about cool animated characters? Obviously they can't hold a candle (hahaha) to our Ember but here are our favourites...

The brightest baby on the block, Family Guy's little man has plans for world domination. He may only be one year old but he's got a deathray and he's not afraid to use it.

Cynical teen Daria Morgendorffer cut through her classmates with razor-sharp wit in MTV's classic cartoon. The girl who made it cool to be uncool. Don't mess with Daria. She couldn't care less.

Bart Simpson
The original bad boy with serious slingshot skills and the coolest catchphrases of the 90s. Don't have a cow man. Eat my shorts. Genius.

South Park's star. Yeah, so everyone hates him. But that's why we love him so much. Almost as much as he loves his cheesy poofs.

Any of 'em. The greatest virtual band ever.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Gossip Girl Gossip - Interesting Actor Facts Part III

Move over gossip girls, it's time for a good gossip about a GG boy - the lovely Penn Badgley who plays drop dead gorgeous Dan Humphrey on the tellybox...

- Mr Badgley released a pop single in 1998 when he was just 12 years old.

- He's done voiceover work for computer games Mario Golf and Mario Tennis.

- Penn's a sucker for soccer. He loves football and his favourite team is Arsenal!

- GG isn't the first time he's acted with castmate Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf. They both appeared in a horror flick called Drive-Thru

- He is named after a tennis ball!!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Ember's Blog Post

should be the f-word… that’s ‘f’ for flamegrrl, of course!

today Ember Fury (flamegrrl) is…

being on the cover of a book (it’s so cool)
that Cathy Brett is getting all the credit when it’s MY story!
listening to…
firestarter - the prodigy
burning down the house - talking heads
who’s got a match? - biffy clyro
LDN - lily allen
the wasp factory - iain banks (3rd time)
all families are psychotic - douglas coupland (got that right!)
cheesy wotsits dipped in strawberry jam… mmm
hi b-word-ites! nice weather 2day so decided to commune with nature… lol… commune with bugs and hayfever more like! did rubbish sketch of a flower but then turned it into a man-crushing alien mutant… quite cool really… wonder if I should txt daze about how we’re gonna get thru the summer without completely dying of mind-numbing boredom! think I’ll have a quick snooze in the shade first tho… with factor100 on coz of my scary ginger-person’s skin!… daze just txted 2 say her thighs are growing fatter in front of her eyes… I replied that the only fat she has is in her head… she is so ‘special’… perhaps should suggest my new fave snack to her (see above)… see if she goes into hyperventilating, calorie-panic meltdown! going to the movie premiere of ‘I love you beth cooper’ (vomit) with the W.S.M… must try not to flash my pants at the paps!
puppies x