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Thursday, 19 February 2009


So our team of reviewers have started reading INFAMOUS and the love is pouring in! Here's what everyone thinks...

Oh my life this book is amazing. It is probably one of the best in the series. I recieved it this morning have already finished it. Needless to say its unputdownable. It will leave you smiling gasping and sighing with many twists and turns which you will not see coming.
If you read nothing else this year READ this. You wont regret it.
Lovely Laura :)

This book is absolutely amazing, I have recently read a few in the series and they get better and better every time. This book is full of gossip (obviously) and once you start reading you can't put it down, it's an addictive read and so realistic. Full of surprises that keep you gripped to the very last page... The characters personalities change throughout and the decisions they make are the most unexpected. Its definitely worth buying as you can re-read again and again and they storyline never gets old.
roxyy xo

Just got mine this morning and I finished it in hours!
The latest in the deliciously addictive series and it proves one thing - this series just keeps getting better!
Infamous is just as un-put-downable as the others!
Jenny and Tinsley are finally friends but Jenny is still unsure. Is Tinsley as cold hearted as she seems? Is it possible that she could ever be in love with someone? And is it possible that Jenny could have advice that is key to winning that someone back? Even though an old enemy from the past, who may be a bigger bitch then Tinsley, also has their sights set on him too?
Jenny seems to fall into love too easily and all it ever seems to do is get her hurt! Should she take Tinsleys advice and just relax and have fun?
Callie is moping after Easy, will she ever see him again?
Brett shows a side we've never before seen, her Jersey side! And it's definitely a side I want to see more of!
As with all the It Girl books, Infamous is packed full of glamour, style, parties and scandal! The gossip, shocks and plot twists draw you in from page one and leave you craving more!
You'll reread again and again and wish it were longer! A totally captivating book!

Think you know all that's going to happen in 'IT Girl'?
Then think again!
The addictive new book in the IT Girl series brings us more twists and turns with Jenny and Tinsley finally becoming friends, well how did that happen?
With Callie still mourning the departure of Easy she's not certain if she will ever see him again, but come on this is Waverly Academy you have to expect the un-expected!
The It Girl series is a short escape from reality and with this new book it may not be such a short escape with you unable to put the book down.
A must read!

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1 comment:

Amy said...

i could never get into this book-idk why...
glad you liked it though;)