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Monday, 26 October 2009

Scary movies

Wondering what to watch this Halloween? Here are some scary (and silly) film suggestions for a spooky night on the sofa...

Not for the nervous, this chilling ghost story starring Nicole Kidman is seriously jumpy. You may want to watch this one with the lights on.

Based on a book by Neil Gaiman, this animated tale of a girl who should be careful what she wishes for might look like a kids' film but it's actually pretty creepy stuff.

The 1990 Jim Henson film version of this Roald Dahl classic is getting a little old now but is still well worth watching. Plus the Grand High Witch is really, really gross.

The witches in this one aren't quite so scary but they are pretty entertaining. Be warned: This is Halloween Disney-style.

High school horror plus Josh Hartnett. It's a lethal combination.

If you've no idea what this is, exactly what rock have you been hiding under?? A vampire flick with a romantic twist based on the massively popular Stephanie Meyer books.

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