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Thursday, 4 September 2008

The It Girl Creative Challenge

We realise we didn't give you very long on this month's creative challenge but we LOVE the three entries we got - definitely useful words of wisdom to live by!

"An It Girl should always know just how hot they are. I mean, how can you possibly be any fun to be around if you're worrying about what people are thinking about you?"
Annelise Quattrociocchi

"Remember every detail for the future...except the ones that need to be forgotten."
Danielle Bann

"One of my many rules in life is that you can never have too many pairs of shoes. lol. It's vital because when you're a girl, having any amount of shoes is a dream come true, and plus you need shoes, different types for different places or different weather, so my rule is you can never have too many pairs of shoes."
Stacey knutsen

We can't choose between the three so congratulations to Annelise, Danielle and Stacey who will all be getting a copy of LUCKY, book five in the IT GIRL series.

Keep an eye out for the next challenge - coming soon...

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