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Thursday, 7 August 2008

GHOSTGIRL creative challenge - Dead Certs

Our first creative challenge is linked to the absolutely wonderful book GHOSTGIRL.

Charlotte Usher feels invisible at school but she has a plan to make sure she becomes popular - she's a girl on a mission and will do anything it takes to achieve her goal. She also won't let anything get in her way... not even death!

Tell us what you want to make a 'dead cert' in your life and the best video submitted by October 1st will win a fantastic Halloween Party Pack which includes: A limited edition, signed copy of GHOSTGIRL, a £15 iTunes voucher so that you can download the music mentioned in the book to get your party going, a 'trick or treat' sweet selection and some fancy dress and halloween-style makeover essentials.

Click here to send in the YouTube link to your video.

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